Simple Fall Skin Care Solutions

Do you notice your skin changes when fall comes and the weather starts to drop the overall temperature? While these struggles can initially be difficult to deal with, you’re not out of luck completely. There are many solutions for some of the biggest problems triggered by fall weather, including those below. Use these to help give yourself the best skin ever, even through fall.

1. Challenge: Dry Skin

Solution: With less humidity in the air, it can be easy to experience dry skin. Besides using moisturizer regularly, one of the best solutions is to use an exfoliating product that contains oils. With this, your skin will retain more moisture so it’s always soft and supple.

2. Challenge: Rough Feet

Solution: When you transition from fall to winter, you may find yourself wearing sandals less than normal. However, your feet still may become dry and rough. To help with this, use a pumice stone regularly while you’re in the shower to remove the dead skin. From there, use a moisturizing balm to keep your feet soft.

3. Challenge: Patches of Uneven and Dry Skin

If regular moisturizing and exfoliating with oils both aren’t helping to restore moisture on all areas of your face, masks can come in handy. Use these every few days to help provide much-needed moisture to areas that need it the most.

Fall doesn’t have to ruin your skin! Take care of it, pay extra attention to areas that need it, and don’t forget to wash it nightly. With that, you’ll have fresh skin that you can be proud to show off.