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Mariah McLain

Temecula Stylist

My name is Mariah McLain and I specialize in lived-in blondes and perfectly-blended extensions. 

I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years, living and breathing that lux hair lifestyle. What I do ain’t for the low-maintenance girlies. We keep it boujee! I thrive on education. Not only for myself, but I love teaching baby stylists the ropes and opening their eyes to this incredible industry. I’ve worked most of my career with assistants, mentoring them and loving on them.

I basically live by a T-swift aesthetic. One side of me is the crazy cat lady who married her high school sweetheart. The other side is the calculated boss bitch who tackles her goals and has an army of equally talented/driven girlfriends.


I’m on a mission as I seek out my dream clientele who I can collaborate with and establish trust! If any of my vibe sounds like a fit for you, I would LOVE to have you in my chair. Let’s level up your hair game!

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